September 21, 2021

Dental Drill Stops for Implants

Single width Dental Implant Drill Stop The drill stop is single width for simplicity and fits all drills.Learn about ZOSSEO Dental Drill Stops

Custom Colored Dental Drill Stops in Stainless Steel CaseZOSSEO™ Universal Dental Implant Drill Stop Kit

ZOSSEO™ Universal Implant Drill Stops

Depth Control on Any Dental Implant Drill

ZOSSEO drill stops prevent over-drilling, reducing the potential for sinus or nerve complications during osteotomies. Developed by a practicing dentist to fit all brands of surgical drills, ZOSSEO Universal Dental Implant Drills Stops have been tested and used in hundreds of Universities, dental, and oral surgery practices as a simple, safe, and inexpensive way to control vertical penetration with a variety of drill systems.


  • Penetrate precisely, minimizing need to visualize for depth control
  • Aid in implant preparation positioning as related to adjacent teeth
  • Improve depth management in flap or flapless surgeries
  • Keep the osteotomy in the same shape if using tapered implants
  • Can be used with surgical guides
  • Useful over extraction sites and defects with wide 6mm overhang

New ZOSSEO™ Mini Kit

  • Simple, Sterilizable, Endo-style drill stop
  • Multiple Diameters
  • Drill Diameters scribed on respective stops
  • 5 stops cover widths up to 5.5 mm
  • Adjustable to your osteotomy depth
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ZOSSEO Universal Implant Drill Stops fits

  • Implant Direct
  • Biohorizon
  • Blue Sky Bio
  • Hahn
  • MIS
  • Neoss
  • Nobel
  • Straumann
  • Zimmer
ZOSSEO Dental Drill Stops are Color Coded

and all other brands!


Professional Recognition

  • Recommended in lecture by Dr. Gordon J. Christensen & Dr. August de Oliveira
  • Currently used in 23 Dental University Graduate Programs
  • ICOI – Winner, 2008 Table Clinic Competition
  • AO – Break Out Session, 2010 Annual Meeting
  • ADA – 2010 Annual Session Exhibitor
  • AO Presenter 2014
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