September 21, 2021


Dental Drill Stops - Hiossen, Implant Direct, Keystone, Klockner, Lifecore

Dental Drill Stops - MIS, Neodent, Neoss, Nobel, Sin Custom drill stop kits available Dental Drill Stops - Southern, Straumann, Tatum, Thommen, Zimmer ZOSSEO™ Universal Drill Stop Kit

Simple Design Reduces Time and Expenses

  • Single width for ease-of-use, and precise, consistent performance
  • 25 differing stock lengths available
  • Custom lengths and kits available
  • Rugged stainless steel case makes organization and selection convenient
  • Reusable – the entire set is both cold and autoclave sterilizable to 330 degrees
  • Can be easily modified to custom lengths

Drillstops Used Through Surgical Guides

Drillstops used through surgical guides

Most guide manufacturers do an excellent job of determining ideal implant position with a cbct image, and provide stents to the clinician for the implant placement. The one variable that remains unmanaged is the depth of the drill penetration. Laboratories recommend clinicians use single use drills and multiple stents with stops built in (added cost) or suggest using surgical guide inserts from the drill manufacturers with drills of varying width and length with built in stops (added cost). Using inexpensive, reusable drill stops in a guide with a matching tube diameter replaces all of these options with one simpler, and more economic.

Latched-On and Slide-On Models Available

Latched On Model Slide On Model

The original model slides over the drill, and when latched onto the handpick, is locked in place. The newer model slides over the drill from either end, and grips the drill with a flexible lining.

The ZOSSEO™ Universal Implant Drill Stops utilize patent pending technology to prevent over-drilling, reducing the potential for sinus or nerve complications during osteotomies.